Red Haze


A drug addict tries to get her fix in a twisted open-world complex.




Falling into the dark pits of society, Rockette turned to drugs to give meaning to her miserable existence. Squatting in an old apartment complex, she finds herself at her last pump, and decides to venture from her shanty abode to locate her dealer, an older woman by the name of Aunti G. However, a creeping feeling takes hold; something is following her. A voice begins to talk to her from within the walls…

  • -Something always watches you in the dark places of your mind; different people may perceive things differently.
  • -A harrowing experience featuring an original soundtrack & art.
  • -An unsettling and slowly-building atmosphere, paced to keep things interesting.
  • -A cryptic and harrowing tale exploring the dark corners of society.
  • -Voice acting that may be turned on or off.
  • -Multiple endings, many secrets, and multiple pathways support replayability.




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