Hollow Bliss

Explore a twisting 3D world where putting your neck out for others is risky.




All in all, Chris Lansan lived his life in the uttermost normalcy he could muster. A routine is a comfortable thing, and if you do as you’re expected things will usually fall in line. But one day Chris awakens staring at an unknown and strange ceiling, and finds himself in an abandoned hut in a misty valley… Someone or something has violated Chris’s cycle, and now only through misery after misery and clinging to an uncertain hope may he possibly make it through and find catharsis. But are the dreams we think we have what we truly want, or is it nothing more than a Hollow Bliss?

  • -A fully-voiced narrative with branching paths & ends.
  • -A strange and surreal 3D world you play through from both a Top-Down RPG and First-Person perspective.
  • -Atmosphere is established with an original soundtrack of synths, drones, & melodic pieces.
  • -When you stare into a hollow abyss, something stares back. Face strange monstrosities you must outwit to survive their ploys.
  • -Be wary of your choices, and utilize what you have carefully. There will be consequences.
  • -A number of hidden rooms, secrets, & discoveries await. Can you find them all?


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