Girl’s Graveyard

Collect candy for your love. Don’t let the darkness overwhelm you.




Girl likes boy, boy likes candy. Girl must fetch the boy candy to win his heart. Can you clear all the rounds and find out true hearts desire? Avoid the spirits, and make your way to your man. Trick or Treat, overcoming each feat. Will you in return get something good to eat? Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock. You’re a bother.

  • -1-2 hour experience with its own challenging arcade-like gameplay.
  • -Obstacles come between you and your goal, but none more heinous than your own heart.
  • -A unique story with a sinister tie-in to Close Your Eyes.
  • -Comes with the soundtrack of both Girl’s Graveyard & Close Your Eyes, as well as an art collection.



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